Products Offered

♦ Deodorizer My Grandmother used to say “it’s not clean until it smells clean.” We provide various scents to suit your personal taste. *Cinnamon Spice *CitrusBaby *Green Apple ♦ Carpet Protector When our customers ask us what can they do to extend the life of their carpet, I tell them two simple things: 1. Vacuum often and thoroughly 2. Have Dupont Teflon carpet protector applied after each cleaning. Most carpets that are produced these days come with protection applied at the mill when they are manufactured. Unfortunately, this protection will wear off in high traffic areas with normal foot traffic and if carpets are cleaned with improper or highly alkaline cleaning products. Carpet protector coats the carpet fiber and protects it from spills and stains long enough for you to clean it up without damage or permanent staining to your carpet. It also aids in the vacuuming process by protecting the fiber from abrasive soil and not allowing dry soil to bond with the fiber and thus releasing easier when vacuumed. Our technicians are equipped with Dupont Teflon demonstration kits and will be happy to perform a demonstration of Dupont Teflon’s amazing protective qualities. ♦ Pet Stain/Odor Removal We love our pets. They are part of the family. Sometimes accidents happen and Dogwhen they do, call ServiceMaster by Integrity to the rescue. We offer varying degrees of treatment for pet odors and stains, ranging from: *Topical cleaning and deodorization for light stains and odors. *Enzyme based deodorization *Severely contaminated restorative processes that include detaching carpet, removal of affected pad, cleaning, sealing and deodorizing the subfloor, replacement of pad, cleaning and deodorizing both the back and front of the carpet, then re-laying the carpet. Unfortunately, since our animals sense of smell is so much more refined than ours, we cannot guarantee these services unless the animal is no longer at the premises. While we may not be able to smell the remnants of the odor, animals can and they may revisit and re-create the problem.
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