Our recent work at a glance.

Recently, we have had several sewer damage jobs. One of the more recent jobs we mitigated was located in Latham, NY. The customer had a finished basement that was filled with sewage as a result of a pipe break outside her home. Our crew arrived at the home within two hours of receiving the call. The nature of the loss required that we remove the carpet and pad, remove the affected portion of the walls 2 feet up from the floor, as well as remove the furniture that was damaged from the sewer back up. We then applied an antimicrobial solution to all affected areas, and pressure washed. After a thorough cleaning and sanitizing, we set up drying equipment to speed the drying of the structure. We had this project complete in 3 days with a very happy homeowner and claims adjuster.

More winter tips!

The holidays are most often the times when water damage goes unnoticed. Whether it be because of busy traveling or company coming to the house and being to busy to check the basement or attic after a winter storm. Suggestions for preventing these from slipping past your view is to always be aware of the weather outside if it has been raining and you think the roof might have leaked check the attic quickly before you develop mold or go into the basement and check to make sure there isn't a flood. It is easier to take five minutes out of your day to make sure that your home is safe and water free then to discover down the road that mold has been growing or you have standing water. Another unnoticed problem where damage can come from is the build up of snow on the roof which can cause the roof to collapse or leaks from pressure and then you have a large amount of damage to the exterior of your home as well as the interior from where the snow is now resting upon. Homeowners have so many tedious little details to remember when the winter is coming another important one that is overlooked would be on the roof where there are valleys or on the edge of the roof where the eaves are. Ice dams tend to form in these places and can cause extensive damage to your home. The safest possible thing to do is to try and keep your roof as clear as possible in the winter time.

Holiday Season is swiftly approaching!

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and that means the winter holiday season is upon us. It is a very highly traveled time of year. Whether you are just traveling to see a relative for the day or you going away on a family vacation for a week it is very important to make sure that your home is prepared to be alone. The furnace could experience a puffback while you are gone or the water heater could break and flood the basement, or it could get so cold and your water pipes could burst or freeze, experiencing coming home to any of these are large concerns to all homeowners. There are easy ways to protect your home by checking all the appropriate things when planning to leave your home for any length of time. But if by chance something does happen know that ServiceMaster by Integrity is here throughout the entire holiday season ready and able to help your family. If you need us feel free to call us 24-7 at any of the following numbers 518-843-1365,  518-456-5655, 518-827-7800. Thank You

Be Prepared For Winter: Some Helpful Hints!

Here are a few tips to help with being prepared for winter.
  • Shovel snow away from the home. its pretty when it snows so much it covers the door of the back porch. When the snow melts into the house and floods the house it is no longer pretty.
  • If a building floods or sustains any water damage, dry it ASAP. If the water damage is extensive, call in ServiceMaster by Integrity to assist.
  • Keep fire extinguishers on hand, and make sure everyone in your house knows how to use them. House fires pose an additional risk, as more people turn to alternate heating sources without taking the necessary safety precautions.
  • Learn how to shut off water valves in case a pipe bursts.
  • Insulate pipes with insulation or newspapers and plastic and allow faucets to drip a little during cold weather to avoid freezing.
  • Maintain ventilation when using kerosene heaters to avoid a build-up of toxic fumes and always refuel outside. Keep all heaters at least three feet from flammable objects.
  Remember ServiceMaster by Integrity  is here for you when you need us. Call any time

Salt Friend or Foe?

Salt is a tried and true agent in fighting winter slips and spills. However, the core properties of salt that make it useful in battling snow and ice are the same properties that can damage the indoor surfaces of your business. Salt acts as a breaking agent for ice. Sprinkling salt on the roadways or walkways is often done to reduce the amount of ice on the path. As foot or road traffic passes over the salt, it presses the salt pieces down causing them to split the ice below. The friction allows the ice to warm and dissolve. The result is a slushy mixture of salt and water that is tracked into office spaces.The mixture then sticks to surfaces and is coarse enough to cause unwanted wear and tear on your carpets. If not removed, salt and other outdoor substances can spread deep into the fibers of your carpet and cut away valuable materials. Finally, salt attracts moisture from the air causing tile and other hard surfaces to produce a slippery finish. A quality cleaning specialist can help to neutralize this finish before slip injuries occur. Be sure to vacuum up as much of the salt as possible.

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